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she said when her husband die she couldn’t give away his shoes because when he come back he would need them. That is very sad

 Joan Didion

Semester Final

Question :What would you tell any incoming freshman about ENC 1101 and/or ENC 1102? What would you suggest that they do to prepare for and succeed in these classes? What do you wish you had known?

What I would tell any incoming  freshman about ENC1101 and ENC1102 is to be prepare to write as much as you can.What I would suggest is to set a time where you can  practice your writting. Also I would say to alway go to your professors office hour if you need to because it will help big time also the writting lab they will help you with your wrtting.I  would also suggest to read the reading that the professors assign because you never know when you will have a quiz. Another thing is to ask question because it will help alot with the class. I wish I have known more about MLA  before taking ENC 1102 then I would have did much better in my writting but I’m happy I got to learn more about MLA in my ENC 1102 class. One more  advice for the incoming freshman is that ENC 1102 will be a challenge but you have to man up and just do what you gotta do.


A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

Emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis

"December 30, 2003, a Tuesday.

We had seen Quintana in the sixth-floor I.C.U. at Beth Israel North.

We had come home.

We had discussed whether to go out for dinner or eat in.

I said I would build a fire, we could eat in.

I built the fire, I started dinner, I asked John if he wanted a drink.

I got him a Scotch and gave it to him in the living room, where he was reading in the chair by the fire where he habitually sat.

The book he was reading was by David Fromkin, a bound galley of “Europe’s Last Summer: Who Started the Great War in 1914?”

I finished getting dinner. I set the table in the living room where, when we were home alone, we could eat within sight of the fire. I find myself stressing the fire because fires were important to us. I grew up in California, John and I lived there together for 24 years, in California we heated our houses by building fires. We built fires even on summer evenings, because the fog came in. Fires said we were home, we had drawn the circle, we were safe through the night. I lighted the candles. John asked for a second drink before sitting down. I gave it to him. We sat down. My attention was on mixing the salad.

John was talking, then he wasn’t.”


Having to read this part made me feel sad for Joan Didion because how can death cheat you like that. How come you was just talking to your husband and all of sudden he’s not responding back. That is the saddest part about death it can cheat you out of no where.

Life changes fast.
Life changes in the instant.
You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends. JOAN DIDION


Joan Didion look so sad and unhappy I wonder what she’s thinking about

probably her husband death or her daughter.

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